Sunday, 3 July 2016

Who hasn't thought of a way to survive a zombie apocalypse? We've pretty much all thought of what we would do if the world suddenly got a hunger for human flesh. Whether it be rage zombies, slow walkers or just the infected in general. We'd know our survival plans better than the evacuation fire points at work or school. For a split second we all unleash our inner Daryl Dixon and Bear Grylls. {I also want to point out that no, it isn't a real gun in these pictures it's a cap gun/cosplay prop, the knife is real tho} 

First off, unless I obtained a gun from someone else, having a gun in my zombie survival wouldn't be possible, so DIY weapons is a must. I'd make sure I'd take Crossbow lessons (It's alot harder than ya think, Daryl makes it look easy) and have an arsenal of Arrows & Bows. It would be good to have a simple bow and arrow & a military bow and arrow. Both would be obtained via a surplus store or online or making your own is an option too, unleash your inner Katniss.  And have a lot of baseball bats fixed with nails, I'm sure I could obtain a machete from somewhere, small knives aren't really helpful unless in close combat. If a zombie is trying to eat your head off, then reach for that hidden knife, but I would like to be at a distance. Ain't nobody wanting infected blood in their holes. EUGH. If there was a time to go sober, this is it. I would use alcohol as Molotov cocktail bombs. You'll never know when they will come in handy. 

Living Arrangements
As for living arrangements, never rely on mobile homes/RVS. We haven't got the time to be searching for petrol. Resources are scarce. Just like in various movies, find a place where you can put your back to the sea, or have a big ass boat (but remember the ocean can be cruel) If neither of these things are available to me then I would barricade myself in a underground bunker and wait it out with my endless supplies of food and of course there would be a generator for air supply but if one of those is not available then I would find a rural area, a city would be packed full of zombies but a rural living area may just have a few. Or you could just go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for it to all blow over. If you happened to barricade yourself in a house, I'd make sure all doors and windows are perfectly sealed and unbreakable and stairs are unreachable (top floors are your best bet for this but if a break in does occur then fight for your life!) I mean I could go and barricade myself in a big ass shopping center but that never ends well.

Food & Resources
If you do have transport then I suggest being careful and collecting as much petrol as needed and only use it in emergencies. Food will be scarce depending on how many are surviving. I would always try and go for tins of food to start with. Anything that can out last its expiration date basically. I'd be careful of eating planets outside unless in a controlled environment. Blood splatters from the undead are not part of mine or your five a day. I would invest in one of those drinking straws that filter out everything right now for the future. It would also filter out dirty pond water and your own urine if drinking resources are bad.

I would read a lot of books, as everything would be free to take, I might as well barricade myself in a library. Grab a ton of those adult colouring books and art supplies, those might take your mind off things especially if you have anxiety. It would be the worst. There would be no tv or video games but there is always board games... I'd have to make a few friends or have a companion with me to play with but I'm sure I would come across survivors just like me.

In general, my fight or flight instincts would kick the fuck in. And flight is the only option. I would wait it out. If it's anything like Resident Evil. Then we are screwed. I don't want mutated dogs coming after me. And keep an eye on those cosmetic companys. Anti Aging serums maybe the cause of our Zombie Apocolypse. Or biological warfare. Either way, we are doomed.

Let me know your favourite Zombie films and what you would do in a zombie Apocalypse.

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