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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hello crazy cat ladies and bloggers! Today I'll be reviewing... or rather my cat will be reviewing the latest box around, Purr Boxes! Purr boxes are the purrfect subscription box for that feline you love. Now before we start I must say, my kitty got to this box before me, ripped it to shreds and ate half the box. So there are items that have been gobbled and are missing. I will try my best to describe the items that are long gone and enjoyed very much by the cat! Also check Zazzles's youtube video at the end of the post.

Purr Boxes kindly sent me a box to review & Zazzles was the purrfect tester.

What is a Purr Box? 
Purr Boxes are monthly boxes full of goodies for your cat. This includes toys & treats for £9.95 a month with free delivery when purchasing a monthly subscription and £1.99 when buying a one off box. Not bad, ey? There boxes are perfect to slot through the post box...but arn't cat proof. Even though they have assured me that this is the first time a purr box has been ravaged at someone's front door by their feline friend. Zazzle's just got a little too excited about receiving his first ever bit of mail!
Now onto what was inside the box. I couldn't photograph the packet of Catnip or Cat Grass as it had been destroyed, well mainly just the catnip. The grass is safely tucked away ready for the packet to be patched up and planted in a pot. :D

Firstly there was this adorable felt bow, if only Zazzles could wear it, because bow ties are cool. Right? Next up was this cute mouse toy that Zazzles did manage to get out of the box and play with, so he enjoyed that! And my favourite item in the box were the Tea for Mews. That's right tea bags for cats. You make it like you would do with any other tea bag, brew it, let it cool down and give it to your cat. Either your feline buddy will drink this healthy catnip drink or just bask in the glory of it's smell next to his or her's bowl. Genius. Just imagine a cat with a monacle, newspaper and a cup of tea for mews! We also have two pieces of wood that I'm not sure what they are used for but I'm sure Zazzles will chew on them? Are they for chewing or something else? Let me know in the comments!

EDIT: The wood is compost pellets for the grass

Next up was this cute sequined feather star catnip toy! Now, Zazzles has been known to be flamboyant with his toys. He likes the pink fluffy feathers on a stick so he was very keen on this sparkly number!
I'm aware that there were more packets of Webbox food sticks. Zazzles mucnched his way through Cheese, Malt and Fish flavoured sticks. Salami was the remaining packet as it was near the back of the box and he hasn't been able to get it yet, the little scamp. Obviously these went down very well! And so will the dreamies when I open them. He is quite literally like the cat on the advert, you know the one. Where the guy shakes the packet and the cat comes running though the walls. Yep! Shake any packet and Zazzles comes running. When he is a good boy I will give some to him but for now he can just bloody well wait.

And lastly, the box. Cats LOVE boxes. I know this one does. :')

So apart from the Grass, Catnip and 3 packets of food sticks eaten, it's been a pretty successful box! Zazzle's was quite excited, he even left a trail of empty packets around the doorway for me to find.
Check out his little youtube video of him inspecting the rest of the box. :D
I have to say, I'm rather impressed with Purr Box. For £10, you do get quite a few things in the box & when you notice the price of some of these items in shops. It's worth it. And it's purrrrrrrfect for cats! Honest. ;)
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