Loot Crate March 2014 - Titan

Friday, 4 April 2014

This is a long over due post. I did a unboxing video on my youtube channel a while ago but since I'm still not comfortable with videos yet, hence why I haven't really shown anyone. 
I wasn't too excited with this box at first. But since realising that Titanfall is basically Call of Duty. I took a shine to it. I love shoot 'em up multiplayer so I would love to try out Titanfall.
Attack on Titan is not really known in my household and I got my first manga book, so thank you loot crate for that. There was green saltwater taffy in honor of St Paddy's Day but we ate that.

What was in the box this month?

- Titan Fall T-Shirt
- Titan Fall Sweatband
- Titan Fall Lanyard
- Loot Crate Badge
- Attack on Titanfall Manga Book
- Saltwater Taffy
- E Guide to Titan Fall
- Attack on Titan Fall Magnet

I'm happy with this box for this month. I got introduced to new things which is always good. Next month is Dragon and it's going to have Game of Thrones exclusive items! :D I really need to watch GoT.

Here is my video of the unboxing;

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