The Wedding Dairies: Newcastle's Wedding Wonder Show 2014: Pt.1

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Well hello hello. I's about time I wrote about the wedding show I went to earlier this month. This will be part one of the wedding diaries I'm currently writing on my blog and part 1 of the event, part 2 is the goodie bag. Anything wedding related will go under the tag!
The wedding wonder show was hosted at St Jame's Park. The entrance showcased some of the cars you could hire for the big day. As we got inside there was a wedding singer, nothing like Adam Sandler but tony liked him, haha.
It was hot, stuffy and I was looking around for leaflets to fan myself down with. There was alot of brides to be and since I was late, I rushed to get my goodie bag at the stand which seemed to be the last one. I booked it online before the actual event. Sometimes they give them away though. As I was paroosing, I saw a photobooth machine, which I would have went in and took photos but I had limted amount of money and couldn't. I walked past a woman with a bride to be badge clipped onto her jacket and went into a huff when I didn't get mine. During my time paroosing, I managed to snag some chocolate bars, cake tasters and A LOT of leaflets. It was lovely seeing all the dresses up front, I fell in love with one dress and a few pastel bridesmaid dresses. I even saw a birdcage cake but couldn't get close enough to snap a photo. There were so many people in this place, it was hard to take photos of things. I tried my best!

I remember a cocktail bar which was very colourful and somewhere, there was free glasses of bubbly. I would have took one but I'm not fond of champagne. Apart from the photobooths we saw, we also saw gaming and casino areas. Me and Tony really want a gaming machine for our wedding! It would cost alot though. it's about £600 for rental, same goes for the photobooths. :(

There's a random photo of a lamp because it was really pretty. :)
Overrall I had a really nice time. I got even more excited for my wedding and seeing everything and the prices, I joked to myself that I should be a wedding photographer or a cake maker.
After a bag full of leaflets and little goodies, we eventually left. I would have stuck around for the wedding dress cat walk show, but the seats were all taken and I would have passed out with the heat.
I had a gander in my bag then left to visit my friend Laura as she couldn't make it with me due to having a bad ankle so I brought all my goodies to show her. :)

Have you been to a wedding event? Are you married? How did you plan your wedding if you are?

Ta Ra


  1. OMG I'm so excited about the day I get engaged cos I get to go to things like this, I'm too excited about all the food tasting I'd get to do as well :D

    Nothing beats a bag of leaflets! x

  2. Omg I absolutely love weddings! This looks totally amazing! I love looking at gorgeous wedding dresses :) Would you like to follow each other, I need to make some blogger friends! hehe, if you decide to, please follow my blog and leave a comment so I can follow your blog too :) Eleanor x