Review : Ambiance Dry Shampoo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I recently got the opportunity to try out Ambiance Dry Shampoo. I love dry shampoo's they are a god send! This one will set you back £11.99 though and you can even buy it on Amazon right now.
I got mine in brunette even though my hair is currently ombre!
Unlike normal shampoo sprays this one is a powder. And is available in brunette, blonde, black, grey or red AND you can get refills for your brush pot.

My hair usually turns greasy after 2-3 days and I don't always have time to fill up a bath to freshen my hair, I know I shouldn't be so lazy but this is why I choose to freshen my hair with dry shampoo until I can find time to have a bath as I currently do not have a shower. Even though I prefer showers to baths. (insert moan about have a bath here)

Any dry shampoo I use never lasts long and this tiny bottle probably won't stretch a month, unless you only use it sometimes but if you are like me and use dry shampoo like it's going out of fashion then I suggest getting refills or perhaps a cheaper spray shampoo. For the money you are paying you are getting what it's worth. This dry shampoo not only says goodbye to grease but gives your hair some much needed UMFT.
Get this hair back to being fabulous!

On the plus side no more white/grey marks on your head! I'm quite sick of spraying shampoo into my hair and looking like it has aged by 40 years! This dry shampoo blends with your hair. The only bad side is that it can stain! So keep away from white shirts and your skin line. A little tricky to apply at first but you get the hang on it. Just whack it on. ;) It's like foundation for your hair!

Would I buy this again? Yes if the price wasn't so expensive! It really is a good product. I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to try this new product.

Would you try this out? Let me know what your favourite dry shampoo is?



  1. I haven't tried out any dry shampoo yet, but I would really
    like to do so. I just can't find the time to wash my hair every day. ;)
    The Ambiance shampoo sounds really good, I especially like that it doesn't
    leave grey marks on your hair because that is my biggest concern when using
    dry shampoo.... :)

  2. I've never seen a dry shampoo like this before, it sounds good!