About Me

I'm Jessica aka italktogh0sts 

Welcome to my blog! I'll be posting reviews, hauls, wishlists, adventures,  beauty and lifestyle posts. Basically anything and everything that interests me.

I love gaming, reading, attempting to bake cakes and taking photographs. I use gifs alot too &
I also suffer from social anxiety. I own alot of liquid lipsticks and can eat yogurt for days.
I love to relax with a good book (usually a crime thriller or YA) in a nice bathtub with a beautiful bathbomb.

Grab a cuppa and say hello!

Get to know me more and read 50 Facts About Me

Any PR or Enquires please contact me! jessicadaglish@hotmail.com


{♥} My Geek Shelves
{♥} Crime Novels
{♥} Bath Bombs
{♥} Yogurt
{♥} Banana Milkshakes
{♥} Candles
{♥} Gaming
{♥} Curling up on the sofa
{♥} Bowls of Pasta
{♥} Journals
{♥} Youtube Videos
{♥} Blankets & Throws
{♥} Watching Unboxings & Makeup Collections
{♥} Opening Mail
{♥} Collecting things
{♥} Going to Conventions
{♥} Cosplay
{♥} Tarot & Occult
{♥} The colours Pink & Grey
{♥} Fruity & Fresh Perfumes
{♥} Take photographs
{♥} Cinema Dates


How to Get Away With Murder
Santa Clarita Diet
Teen Wolf
A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
The 100
Sneaky Pete
Pretty Little Liars
Van Helsing
American Horror Story
Mr Robot
Scream Queens
Orphan Black
Con Man
Stranger Things
Orange is the New Black
Once upon a Time
Game of Thrones

What camera do you use?

I used my Samsung Galaxy Phone to currently take all my blog photos.

When did you start blogging?

In 2014, but I've stopped and started a lot since then

Do you have a schedule?

Nope, I just post when I want.

Do you really talk to ghosts?

I kinda wish I could. But no. I don't. It's a username that was picked because it sounds cool.

Where are your blog graphics from?

I get them from various deviantart accounts. my header is made by me. 

Raw Skin Care
Canvas Design
Purr Box
Pure Chimp

All sponsored posts, or posts which contain products I have received for free will clearly be marked.
All opinions are my own and honest.
All photos are taken by me and are copyrighted to me, please ask for permission if you want to use them. Any images not copyrighted by me will have credit given to them.

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