Friday, 27 October 2017


So ya wanna talk to ghosts, eyy? Well I can't really help you in that department regardless of what my social media username says.

I've always been fond of ouija planchettes, just the look of them, their meaning. I've never touched an actual ouija board though. We may not all believe in the supernatural but that nagging "what if" comes to mind when opening a door to the unknown. What if there are bad juju spirits who contact us using ouija boards. I mean, I've read peoples accounts on what happened to them during a night of asking the dead to come forward on an ouija board and they were spooky af. Go google them.

If you were to talk to a ghost what would you say? While thinking about that, you should take a look at this super cute ouija planchette patterned notebook from House of Wonderland, the pattern was hand drawn which is pretty rad to be honest. Does anyone wish Halloween was like Christmas where we'd gift each other spooky things, like ouija themed items, candles, pumpkins, spooky cards etc. This would be a perfect gift for that if we did. I, Jessica of italktogh0sts would like to officially have a Halloween Gifting Party in 2018. Like a Secret Santa?! This notebook has inspired me. I hope this idea inspires you too. Now I'm off to jot this down in my pastel ouija notebook. 
You can get this notebook over on the House of Wonderland website for £4.50. Gift someone this Halloween. :D 

Ok back to the question? What would you say in a conversation with dead people? I'd ask them what its like to be ghost, why they can't communicate with us properly, what are the rules of the dead because the living have rules and then promptly freak out at the fact ghosts do exist and ask if they have a Casper hanging around. I'd like a friendly ghost for a friend. How about boo? ;)

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