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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely evening or morning, depending on when you are reading this post. This is Februarys's The Vegan Kind box! or TVK5 ;) Another subscription box I wanted to try out. I've been after all these vegan boxes out there and I've already tried one and now it's TVK turn. I actually got this box a while a go and I've been slowly trying out everything to see what I liked and didn't.

I got in my box:

- Raw Choc Brownie
- Raw Coconut Cookies
- Green Frog Washing Up Liquid
- Harissa Spices
- Hot Chicks Spicy Roasted Chick Peas
- A Recipe Card

The Vegan Kind is £10 per month + P&P and they don't just send out food but various products that are vegan friendly. Hence the washing up liquid. I love that you get a recipe card to collect each time and on your third box you receive a binder to keep them all in. I haven't tried out the Harissa Spices yet! But I'm likely to make them in something very soon.

The things I did love were the Chocolate Brownie which was lovely, I gobbled it down and the washing up liquid, which was so fresh! I love using this while doing the dishes.
The spicy roasted chick peas were quite nice to munch on considering I'm not too fond of chickpeas!
The one item I didn't like the taste of and I was quite disappointed because they looked so yummy where the raw coconut cookies. I love coconut but mint and coconut tasted like I was eating mint lipbalm and not the nice kind. They were very hard to bite into. My fiance loved the mini cookie but I was very put off. Which is a shame but I guess not everything is to someone's liking and out of everything I've tasted that is vegan, this is one of two products I disliked. So that's still good.

I also got a leaflet telling me about how every month proceeds from the box go to a different charity. And this month was Cat Cuddles. It's an adorable name and I only found out about them in Vegan Kind's box. So please go and take a look at this cat sanctuary and help them out! <3

For the price and the overall look and feel of this subscription box. I say it's worth it. It's a great box for budding vegans. Unfortunately due to financial demands of being an adult I wasn't able to continue to receive next months subscription. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to sign up again.

Get yours here.
and help out at Cat Cuddles here.

Have you tried The Vegan Kind?


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  1. haissa spices are so good, especially on chick peas not not so much if you're not too fond of chick peas :P i'll have to get round to trying one of these boxes sometime soon x