Newcastle Comic Con Part 3

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I've never met a celebrity in my life. I once saw Scott from Geordie Shore crossing the road while I was on the bus but that doesn't really count. Just before I decided to get a photo in the Game of Throne's chair. Kai Owen walked out of the door and bumped into me. Kai Owen played Rhys in Torchwood. He was a lovely chap but was in a rush to get back to his autograph table. I said " Oh haiii" Not realising at first who I just said Hello to! He said " Hey, You alright?" In that welsh accent he has. I nodded and he patted my back and walked away. I squealed at Tony. " Omg Kai Owen from Torchwood just touched my back!" Tony's reply... "...ok, who?" Apart from Hannah Spearitt from SClub 7, Tony had no clue who these people were! He was just tagging along to be quite honest.

I snapped a few cheeky pictures of signings that was happening before buying my tickets for Chris and Suanne photoshoots. Gutted that I had hardly any money other wise I would have gotten Kenny Baker's signature for my dad, who's birthday is coming up. It was also really hard to snap a candid photo of him sitting in his chair. I did however get Carl Weathers, another one I was disappointed in not getting, Hannah Spearitt who looks so different from her SClub 7 days , two footballers from way back when and Kai Owens who just looked bored, bless him. I'm also gutted that I never managed to get a picture of John Rhys Davies. I just caught the end of his talk before the Stargate talk started. He did however say hello to us while walking past the Chris Judge photoshoot line. :D
I had my first photoshoot and starstruck moment with Christopher Judge who played Teal'c in Stargate and one of the main reasons for me coming to Comic Con, I would have come anyway but this made it even better. I shook his hand and he said hello and I said hello back. His deep canadian voice took me by surprise. It had been a while since I watched Stargate and he hardly ever speaks on that show. The photographer snapped a photo of me and my smile was do dorky I couldn't believe it. I was so happy! The photographer however kept staring at me. :/

It would be another twenty minutes before my next photoshoot so we both went out for some fresh air. Not realising how long it take. I rushed back in to get my photo with Suanne Braun. I was last in line so I managed to get a few words in with her before I left. I follow her on twitter and whenever I mention something and @ her. She always retweets. And even though hardly anyone knows who she is I think she is a star in my eyes. She's in Milla Jovovich's next film for god sakes ( I don't realise this till later) Anyway Suanne Braun puts her arm around me and I say "Hello, Thank you for retweeting me on twitter by the way" and she goes "omg what did I retweet?" but then the photographer is ready to take the photo so we both smile but I end up doing this goofy look and then before I leave I go "You retweeted about comic con! :D " and then I leave quite happily but I'm annoyed that I didn't smile properly. For those who don't know who Suanne is, she is Hathor in Stargate!

We have a little time to kill before the Stargate talk. So we sit down for a bit before heading around the stalls and we have a listen to the Cosplay talk which was quite interesting. After walking around we caught the end of John-Rhys Davies chatting. We get a good seat in the main talk area right next to a speaker. And on come Suanne and Chris.

Suanne is so funny. She and Chris tell stories of Richard Dean Anderson farting in a sarcophagus in the episode 'Hathor' and how Suanne stalked Eddie Izzard when she was starstuck. Chris told us how Independence Day was actually what Stargate was suppose to be. They wrote a movie for it and it then became Independence Day when MGM were being idiots. MGM were 4 million in debt too! It was really interesting and funny to hear them and of course Chris did his Teal'c "indeed" and Suanne took a photo of the audience but I'm at the far right and cut out! Boo :( But Chris was fine with anyone who showed any boobs while doing it! They auctioned off some t-shirts and they went for about £50. They were rare and made for the stargate crew only. I wish I was rich.

Oh I also got a photo with a Harley Quinn Cosplayer. ;) She was lovely. I wish I gotten more cosplayer photos! There were some amazing Spider-mans.

Here is a snippet of the Stargate Talk

Let me know if you've been to any Comic Cons /going to or have cosplayed? 


  1. I had my photo on the Iron Throne at Expo in London a few years ago, it's so much fun! My friend took an empty beer can and had a photo of him pretending to drink it on the Throne, there's so many silly and fun photos out there - I'm sure I've seen one where someone has a TV remote!

    Little tip to save money, quite a lot of people will let you take photos with them at their signing desks, along as they're not huge stars with massive Qs! I've even gone down the line with a friend whose bought an autograph and got a photo having not actually got an autograph myself. Cheeky but a necessity if you're skint!


  2. looks like you had an amazing day, i've always wanted to go to a comic con but mostly just for the cosplay to be quite honest! x