Newcastle Comic Con Part 2

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Once inside we made our way into the main area. We had an hour to kill until I needed to buy my tickets for meeting Chris Judge and Suanne Braun. I hardly had any cash to spend so only brought what I needed for the photoshoots (shown in part 3) I was in love with the majority of stalls in the arena. When I first walked in I saw the Bumblebee car from transformers. It was beeeeeautiful. It said on the website that the Knight Rider car was there but no sign of it so I guess Kitt needed to be somewhere else. :(

I saw photos of Saturday on facebook and instagram and I really wanted to check out the badges! I WANTED THEM ALL. I don't think you realise how much I would have bought them. I didn't even have enough money so I bought a few to put on my camera stap. ;)

I got a Chuck badge for Tony, Pokeball for both of us and a Aperture Portal Badge. I really wanted a Supernatural protection tattoo badge & a CAFPOW Coffee! Maybe's next time. :)
Then I saw a stall with an Back to the Future Alamanac & Death Note book. The wonka bar was a bit shite to be honest, Tony & me have made better replicas! Just ask Elle . I'm not too sure who they were so I can't link a facebook or anything for the badges and replica books. I also came across this adorable stall that was selling Eevee necklaces (my favourite pokemon!) and Pokemon Gym Badge Stickers. Which were so cool. I wish I had a photo. You can check them out @ The Harpys Nest.
Next we had one of the thousands of t-shirt stalls around. I saw this simple but awesome Stargate t-shirt. It had the Stargate dialing symbols on for Earth. :D I also wanted the Supernatural T-shirts. There were hundreds of merchandise stalls and alot of them had Pop Vinyls. Still wishing I had money to buy things with. Especially when I came across a cute little goth shop. It had masquerade masks and awesome bags!

We came across the NERG gaming area. Everything was free to play on. I'm hoping to attend NERG's event later this year in Gateshead. The area was quite full and nothing was free to play on so I snapped a photo of a lilac haired girl playing pac-man.

We wondered around a few times while waiting for Photoshoots and talks to happen... And then I finally got to meet my childhood stars...


  1. Yay Nerd herd badge, LOVE Chck!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time! I've been going to Showmasters conventions for years, I had to stop a while ago though cos it was getting expensive and I was moving up here!

    So excited they're now coming to Newcastle but unfortunately I couldn't afford it this time ... hopefully next year, I'm gutted I missed out x

  2. Oh, I love the MLP and AT badges, wish I could go to a Comic Con sometime in my life.
    Sadly it will never happen because I live in Sweden, but I still love to see people's photos from the event :)
    Great blog, I love finding other nerdy girls on the net,it feels like I'm not alone about my interests :D
    Feel free to check out my blog too (I just started my blog adventure in English):