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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hello to Jess' lovely readers, it's great to be guest posting for one of my favourite blogs ever. I better introduce myself - well I'm Yasmin from YasElle  (go check me out *self promotion alert*). I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger as well as a student studying for my GCSEs.

This leads me into today's post - I bring with me the gift of EXCLUSIVE 5 Top Tips for dealing with exam prep/revision for the exam season. Now of course, these don't only apply for GCSE students, they can appeal to A Level students and higher so you could take a few of these tips whatever type of education you are in.

 #1 - Be Prioritised. Make yourself a timetable with colour coded subjects for the exams that you need to study for. You can either do this by hand - show off your creativeness or head on over to an easy access site that you are able to design one there for free. I use GetRevising as mine. Honestly, it's so easy - it allows you to prioritise your subjects easily and sorts it out appropriately and all colour coded per day.

 #2 - Organise. The key to good revision is perfect organisation no matter what subject it is. So you are not stressing yourself out finding all the appropriate items you need to help you with revision - get folders and organise your subjects by that. Also, organise your revision sessions with a separate timetable for each subject on what you plan to revise for that hour or two.

 #3 - Colours. For me, being an arty student creativity is key for my eye when revising. I like to have different coloured pens so if any keywords pop up I write them down in a pink or red. This also helps with the presentation of my notes. Leading on from this...

 #4 - Note taking. Make sure that they are notes - however don't shorten them down that you get overly confused because then you won't be learning/refreshing anything in your mind. I like to split it up into different sections. One section - in my trusty notepad following on from my revision cards and finally onto post - it notes that usually end up on my notice board by the side of my bed throughout the last week leading up to the final exam.

#5 - Rest. It is IDEAL to rest between revision and also the night before the exam. We are strangely advised not to look over your notes too much the night before your exam due to the fact that you make get overly stressed out and feel like you won't know anything when in reality you know everything. So the night before get an early night, sleep and wake up in the morning early (so no rushing around) and eat a balanced breakfast. Now you are ready to crack that exam! Remember to keep calm in all situations through the exam and enjoy yourself. Good luck for the upcoming exams - you'll be great!

 Thank you for reading and make sure you head on over to my blog.

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  1. I love the idea of storing things in a starbucks cup :-) What a cute idea!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

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