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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. And it's been dropped a few times and I've never even bothered getting a phone case for it. Until now! I managed to get a customization phone cover from Mr Nutcase ( I adore the name). Hallelujah my phone case savior! For £14.99 you can get your own phone case. Use your instagram photos or regular camera photos to create an awesome personalized phone case.

I've seen other phone case websites out there. And for me they are just far too expensive! Mr Nutcase offers high value for such low prices. Have a iphone 5 or a tablet? Yep.. Mr Nutcase does cases for them too. Perfect for gifts or Christmas 2014. ;)

I chose my favourite photos of my fiance and his daughter. (My world. ^_^ ) Since technically the Samsung is his phone but I use it more as my tiny HTC Wildfire is outdated and too small and slow for my liking. I need a new phone but Tony's will do. I tried to choose the nicest and best photos for this case. And it's not boring at all. I usually get bored of the same phone case and need to change. I only have two for my wildfire and it bugs be sometimes that I don't have an iphone for all those pretty cases or a Samsung of my own.

It has a weird matte finish but I quickly got used to that. And if you've liked Mr Nutcase on facebook, you get a free screen protector with your case! It's the little things that I love. <3

Let me know in the comments what you would put on your phone/tablet if you got one! :) 


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