Monday, 21 October 2019

I'm going to go full on geek today because The Fifth Element is my all time favourite film. Ever. I watched it when it originally came out and I'm pretty sure I saw it at the cinema with my parents. 
I think I can quote every word in this film as well as the divine language which Leeloo speaks. Although I don't have much merchandise, I do have the book adaptation, my own multi-pass, the PS1 game (it was awful and a proper game needs to be made but I still played it religiously) and a Leeloo pop vinyl but I'm always saving for new items to collect. How can you not like this film, it's a cult classic now?!

It has everything I adore in a film. A Weird Being, Futuristic Settings and Bruce Willis shooting people in the face. I'm a visual person so seeing Earth in the future is absolute stunning. The visual effects and design team did such an amazing job. The fashion, all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier is stunning and unique and I just wish it was socially acceptable to walk around in plastic green skirts. Even Leeloo's orange straps look badass. However any police uniform doesn't look comfy and would be terrible to wear in the field. Those McDonald's girl outfits are amazing too and I tried cosplaying them! I also adore the music in this. It fits so perfectly with the film and each scene. Eric Serra, bravo to you, good sir.

If you don't know what The Fifth Element is, it's a sci-fi action starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman. Bruce plays Korben Dallas, ex special forces who now drives a taxi cab. Milla plays Leeloo, the supreme being, made to save earth. Gary plays Zorg, the bad guy. Leeloo escapes the lab in which she was brought back and falls into the flying taxi (yes they have flying cars in this) of you guessed it, Korben Dallas. Cue Leeloo learning her new world and having to save it with Korben.

My favourite scenes (I mean the whole thing is my fave) have got to be 

- Leeloo being made & Escaping

- This line..

- Korben's cheeky smile during the attempted burglary

- Big Bada Boom & Leeloo's grin when Korben understands
(Fun fact: Bruce didn't know that Milla was going to speak Leeloo's language so his reaction is real)

- Leeloo eats Chicken while she learns .CHICKEN GOOD.

- Leeloo and her Multipass

- The Diva Dance / Leeloo's big fight scene

Can we talk about some of the make-up gadgets in this film?! Leeloo's Chanel Instant Make-up Gadget is something I've wanted to happen for a long time and Zorg's receptionist has an instant nail polish gadget that I'd also like in real life. Can someone make these? kthanks.

I've never really understood my borderline obsession with this film. I just love it so much. My other favourite films include Practical Magic, The Craft, The Duff, Mr Right, Happy Death Day, Scream, Small Soldiers, American Beauty, Ghost World, The Matrix, Detective Pikachu, Bring It On etc and nothing compares to this film. I do love Luc Besson's other work especially Leon and Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets (which is such a visually stunning film and Laureline is such a pretty name)
I also love how far Luc will go for a film, Milla and Luc developed the Divine Language Leeloo speaks in this film and would often communicate using the language (I wonder if they still know it) and Luc also made a 600 page book about all the alien creatures in Valerian for all the actors to read and adjust their acting to the species of alien. How extra is that? I might make a post on how underrated that film is too.

Have you seen The Fifth Element? What are some of your fave memorable scenes?

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