Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Okay so lets not recap any previous goals I've posted on my blog before because none of them got completed or even attempted. Everything usually ended up on the back burner due to life and various events that prevented such goals from being accomplished but I'm hoping to achieve the following this October.

Attempt Blogtober
I did a great start last time, but moving house and having a laptop break on me just really put the dampner on that one so let's challenge myself to complete 31 blog posts. I've already planned every post out so fingers crossed I can execute my plan.

Bake Halloween Biscuits with my StepDaughter
I'm in such a Halloween spirit that I want to bake cute halloween biscuits with my step daughter. A nice little bonding experience. I'll let you guys know how they turn out!

Make a Youtube Video
The last video I did was a book haul in 2018. TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN. oh boy. I do love making videos and actually editing them but I guess I got too self conscious and then all of the horrible things happened and I just didn't think about it again. I've been thinking about starting up a youtube channel for my Sims videos too but I want to slowly bring back videos on my channel. Please Subscribe, it would help a lot.

Stream Video Games on Twitch/Another Service
I miss streaming games so much. And I hope to finally get my office sorted, organised and painted for this to happen again. I've planned out what I want to stream and everything. Even if I'm just playing something on my PS4 , I need to get the stream ball rolling again.

Start Christmas Shopping
But Jess, Christmas is ages away, it's only October. Well I'm always a late shopper and I really want to get stuck in early to avoid queues and "Not in Stock" signs. I want to be more organised this Christmas and starting presents earlier will help.

Five attainable goals this October. I can ease into Youtube and Twitch and well I'm pretty much challenging myself to blog and financially think about shopping.

What are your goals this October?

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