Friday, 5 October 2018

Pri Choc Pal

I moved house around two months ago and I'm still getting settled in. (I'll do an update post soon!) I haven't even found an area of the house to take blog photos in. I haven't even gotten everything unpacked and I'm buying more things. I popped into Primark recently to get some new clothes and have a look at the home ware section and found more Chocolate palettes out on the shelves. Every time I pop into the Newcastle branch they always have out of stock make-up. I eventually got my hands on the too faced dupe! I don't think you can get them any more due to their new Disney make-up range taking up the shelves but every so often you'll find a straggler in the field of palettes.

I couldn't find the rest of the range at the time, sometimes the store has the lippy s in one week and the other they will have the cheek palette. But I couldn't resist picking up this chocolate scented eye shadow palette for £6. It's called the Contour and Eye shadow palette but the contour are more suitable for highlighting then contouring any part of your face but I guess the smaller eye shadow pans would work as a contour. There are 10 Pans and 2 of them are for "contour/highlight" and are a mixture of squares, hearts and rectangles shapes, which are quite cute. The shades are beautiful neutrals, browns and pinks. Mainly focusing on Chocolate colours and is a mixture of mattes and shimmers. Lets talk pigment and blending. Now I'm not hugely impressed by the pigment. It's a very "it will do" palette and perfect for people starting out with make-up.

Now lets get to the scent. Take a big whiff...Does it smell like chocolate? yes but it's that super fake smell. You know the one I'm on about. I've never smelt the too faced palette so I have no idea what that is like but the scent isn't over powering when on the eyelids.

If you can find this palette in Primark at all then I recommend it for anyone just starting out in make-up as it's a really simple neutral palette.

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