Monday, 1 October 2018

Where has the year gone? It's already Halloween season. If you are wondering where I got my Candy Corn candle from, which smells amazing by the way, it's from TK Maxx! There candle range is out of this world right now and perfect for Autumn.
I didn't complete blogtober last year, I only managed eighteen posts due to things out of my control. But fingers crossed I can complete this years and hopefully kickstart my love of blogging again.

START BLOGTOBER| It's twenty minutes to midnight and I've just started to write this. Oh my... Let's try again this year.

LEARN BASIC JAPANESE After watching several Japanese tv dramas on Netflix and always loving Japan. I took the leap to learn some basic Japanese phrases to start off. I'd love to learn a new language and really push myself to continue to learn.

GET ORGANIZED| I have so many boxes and bags to organise from moving house, three months ago. I need to get my butt into gear.

READ TWO BOOKS| I haven't really read anything since my father passed away. I've read comic books because they are easier for me to focus on right now but I'm hoping to finish two books this month to rekindle my love of reading.

I don't want to push myself to far this month. Looking back on my october goals for 2017 and realizing I only completed one full goal which is disappointing.

What have you got planned this halloween season?


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