Friday, 13 October 2017

In the past I wrote about a little game called Food Street made by SuperSolid. (Remember I called my resturant Hentai Tiddies! You can view that post here) Now they have a brand new simulation game out called Home Street! I was asked to play this before the release day (12th of October) but by the time I had replied etc it was the release day. I haven't received any payment for this review etc. I love doing mobile game reviews so I must continue to write them. I already have a few mobile games I've been obsessing over lately to show you so expect some blog posts about them too!

Home Street is available for free on Android and iOS stores. Basically Home Street is like The Sims. You get to control the life of your little character in the palm of your hands. My character is called Freya Hale. She's got brown hair, green eyes and has cute freckles all over her face. You can customise your character to how you like with in game earnings from various jobs you have to do. As you level up, more items are unlocked. From new recipes to new plants for your garden.

Just like certain aspects of Food Street, you can try your luck on the wheel of fortune, buy goods from other players, build relationships with other players characters, take part in fun challenges and decorate your home. Of course with most games these days, each action comes with a timer. 60 seconds here. 1 minute and 40 seconds there. You catch my drift. But while you are waiting on one thing, you can do another and shop around for cute new outfits that have been unlocked.
Over the past few days I've leveled up pretty fast. It's easy to do but then again, harder tasks come with longer wait times but it's also pretty easy to gain rubies which can speed things up. Of course with games nowadays, there is the choice of using micro transactions. But its not necessarily needed to progress. Just be patient.

I'm currently obsessing with the Halloween Event that is happening right now! Look how cute she is dressed as a witch. I'm currently taking part in a Neighborhood Event for Halloween. You have to complete as many halloween themed jobs as you can to win prizes. From making Candy Apples to Halloween Decorations. I also love the in-game decorations. Obviously I had to go pumpkin crazy. And you may notice in my screenshots I have a little trick or treat table by the house door because it's adorable not to. 

I'm slowly but surely getting how I currently want the house to look. My kitchen is currently the favourite room of Freya's House. I'm going for a very grey/white theme and can't wait to earn more coins to upgrade some of the stuff in the bedroom!

So far I've really enjoyed this game. It's a must have in your mobile games folder if you love The Sims or any type of Simulation games. I recommend it to everyone who just wants to waste time on the toilet or commuting to work. 

I hope Super Solid continue to do themed events because I really like doing them. And since my friend joined up, I think she's enjoying it too. Plus extra bonus items for friends who visit you. If you want to be friends in game and bookmark me my friend code is: 939131271 

Will you be playing Home Street? What are some of your favourite mobile games?

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