Saturday, 7 October 2017

Can we just appreciate for one second these photos I took?! It looks like a water drop on a autumn leaf and asdfghjkl. And I'm back to using the ol' light boxes as Autumn has reduce the weather to dull grey skies and shorter days. Also I hit a snag with blogtober and couldn't upload because my internet went down. Someone out there really wants me to struggle with this challenge, so I will be posting two posts a day to catch up! Wish me luck as I have a week to catch up! Ok. Onto the review of the Silicone Sponge from Makeup Drop.
I've never used anything but brushes and beauty blender sponges to do my makeup, so when the opportunity to review this bad boy came along, you know I took it. Designed to eliminate wasted make-up unlike absorbent sponges, this applicator claims to perfectly apply and blend your foundation, creme blushes & highlighters and concealers. Even moisturisers and primers! Gurl, you claim a lot for such a small thing.

I tested this out with my regular rimmel foundation. Reading the back of the product on how to apply my foundation using this silicone applicator. I put on a small amount of foundation to the applicator as it told me that it only needs half the amount of product than you'd normally use with a traditional sponge or brush. This tear-drop applicator was ready to make me look flawless.. 

After applying product straight onto the applicator,  lightly dab around the face, then blend gently into the skin using circular motions (it's advised not to sweep across the face)  I'm used to dabbing the product into my skin so swirling away with a silicone sponge was alien to me. I was pleasantly surprised that it did the job! I was skeptical that there would be some streaking, patchiness and overall crap application but after getting used to applying, it covered my skin pretty well & blended fine, although I still prefer my beauty blender sponge. I tried dabbing but it felt like I was punching myself in the face with the sponge so I stuck to the instructions. I'm going to point out that the sponge feels so weird at first when you hold it and it does take a little longer to apply foundation but that's okay with me and it's better to use the rounder side then the pointed area for application. I can see myself grabbing this as an alternative when I desperately need to clean my beauty sponge. 

Even though I didn't need to use as much product as I did, I was still pleased with the outcome of how the foundation was applied. I have not tried attempting to use this sponge with creme blushes, contours or concealers and to be perfectly honest, I don't think it would work with those products. Just stick to foundation and you are good to go. And I love that with just a quick wipe with soap and water, the silicone sponge is clean and good to go again. 

PROS| Cleaning is a doddle, blends well, no wasting products, cruelty free, non toxic, paraben free.
CONS| The price tag (that's just me, it retails for $20 or £14), hard sponge, takes longer to apply makeup.

Have you tried a Silicone Sponge before? Did you like it.

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