Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Body Shop held an event on the 8th of October hosted by Gianni of The G Edit showcasing new products from the body shop as well as getting to know more about the products in store and general mingling from North East Bloggers! We were able to bring a +1 to the event so I asked my friend Laura if she'd like to come with me. I thought it would be a lovely girls night out and was super excited to attend the event as this was my third ever bloggers event since starting this blog! Warning this will be a photo heavy post. We took so many photos. 

It felt weird to be in the Metro Centre after all the shops had closed but Laura and I were the first to walk in and I felt like I was leading the conga line to the bubbly and sweet treats! We were greeted by the store manager and Gianni. We even met with an old high school acquaintance while being there. There was one staff member that I recognised but couldn't quite place him. I figured it out later. All the staff were so lovely to us. We were introduced to everyone before we got cracking on perusing the products and all the activities we could do. Laura and I started off by signing the Petition to ban animal testing, we didn't hesitate and its for a great cause we even got a selfie with some cute rabbit ears. Laura had gotten her make-up done at the counter and we ended up going back to do more selfies. I already had a face of make-up on so opted out of the free make over. We also got name stickers, mine said you're a peach with my name under it. Laura got one too after having to ask to get one since there were more than one called Laura at the event. Don't mind me, I' just gunna politely bark orders to get stickers for my friend to slap on her boob. It's all good. 

Aside from signing petitions and getting free makeovers, we had a look at the products and decided we'd buy some. I was after something from the limited edition vanilla pumpkin range and ended up for a good few minutes just sniffing everything. Ahhh it smelt so good. Laura ended up buying a mango hand cream because she was pretty much obsessed with the smell. I can confirm it does smell amazing. I just want to eat all the body butters. Ya know what. The Body Shop should make a sweet range. I'd eat them all.  I ended up buying a cheeky Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream at the end of the event, it was only £3.50 with the 30% off bloggers discount.

We wrote what our favourite products were on the board area. I wrote pumpkin spice and everything nice, we came back later on to write Laura's since she fell in love with the Acai Mask and all of the Mango products. 

I had a great time finding out what products are great for skincare. I'm terrible when it comes to my skin but actually having someone be there and explain to you what is best makes everything seem a little easier. And with demonstrations, choosing is far easier as well. On the night I had hardly any money to spend but I decided that when it's payday I'll be getting some skincare products from the Body Shop. Laura bought the Drops of Youth Peel. And I'll be getting that at some point. I also want to quickly grab some a pumpkin body butter before it stops selling, a sleeping mask and some Vitamin E products too! I always suffer from terrible dry skin so hopefully some of these products help.

We got hand massages from one of the store assistants. And we came out smelling like we had been sipping cocktails. I opted for a Mango scrub and Pink Grapefruit body butter. Laura went for Mango Scrub and Butter. We smelt so good.

Each of us got a personalised body butter and a little goody bag to take home with us.I chose the Peach Body Butter as everyone else seemed to have reached for the Blueberry or Raspberry butters. Poor Peach. And we all took advantage of the special 30% off for bloggers. In our little goody bag there was a liquid matte lipstick which is so lovely and I want to grab more! A little sleeping mask sample pot and some sachets. 

The Body Shop and Gianni hosted a lovely event and I'm so happy that I got to go and learn more about products and just generally have a good chat with staff and hang out with my best friend. We even ended up on the body shop snapchat and a few instagrams, that felt weird. I'm not used to being on other people's social media.

What's your current fav Body Shop product?

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