Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This was the messiest product I've photographed. It got everywhere. 

You may have seen a few charcoal products around the web, from face masks and scrubs but how about teeth whitening? I've seen a couple of charcoal teeth whitening products around eBay and Amazon and decided to try one out. CocoPure Teeth Whitening is made and manufactured in the uk to a food and safety standard, it's 100% Vegan and Natural. 20 Grams of this product is £3.95 but a little goes a long way and the ingredients are Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal.

Before using the product I read up on some reviews via amazon and eBay.  A few said that it had made their gums a bit sore, it was messy, that it DID whiten their teeth and some said they hadn't seen a big change yet or they couldn't get it open.
I was able to get the product open with no problems, it is a tad messy with fall out from the tooth brush, but it does say to tap off any excess before using it.
I brushed for two minutes as instructed and it did feel rather gritty but I'm assuming that's the product working to take off any stains and dirt. After those two minutes I rinsed out my mouth and then brushed with my normal toothpaste to get rid of any left over residue and clean the remainder of my teeth. My teeth felt smooth and I did notice my teeth were a lot whiter than before. I wasn't expecting my teeth to be sparkling hollywood white after Day 1 but I was happy with the results. My gums were fine and my teeth were not sensitive at all. I will continue to use this product every so often. This is not to be used everyday like toothpaste but I will report back with further results in the future.

I would also like to try a charcoal toothpaste that I've seen in shops. Have you tried any Charcoal products lately and did they work for you?


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  2. The thing I'd wonder about most of all is what it probably tastes like and if it leaves an after taste. It makes sense that the charcoal would react like a polishing compound though, so I imagine it probably really does get teeth white. I wonder how hard it would be to get used to the grittiness in my mouth?