Sunday, 12 June 2016

Time and Tide Events
were hosting a Medieval weekend at Newcastle's Castle. So me and my friend Laura with her partner and his daughter decided to see what was going on. We both like the fantasy genre & Game of Thrones and this was quite fun to be at.

I found a "loot" box, well not really but it felt like I was in Skyrim for a split second. There was various stalls and I picked up some pies. Chicken & Leek pie and a Chilli Kebab pie, both were delicious and I wanted more. We also saw various people dressing up and waving swords around, which was fun to watch. We even met some Birds of Prey from the Riverside Falconry. They were so gorgeous and thank you to Laura for taking a photo of me next to Hedwig.. He wasn't really called Hedwig but that's what I named him. Even though they are not pictured, I wanted everything from the steampunk stall - Design Freaks Emporium And the beautiful copper rose was handmade by a blacksmith!  There was also a fab stall selling candles and bath bombs. I didn't have enough money to get anything but check them out at the Curiosity Box and if you're in Newcastle; you can go and visit most of these shops at other events etc.
There was plenty of things to do including talks (which were paid to get in and we went to the Dragon talk, it wasn't worth £5 but it was interesting) face painting, sword fighting, storytelling and musicians and spanned across the weekend.
Time and Tide Events will be having a Narnia themed event in December at the same place. I'm hoping to go and step into the magical world. If I do, I'll be sure to blog about it! :D Here are some visuals from the day: 


Since it was Laura's birthday on Friday she wanted to go for a meal after the Medieval events with some people. So we went to Za Za Bazaars in The Gate. I ate so much that I could hardly move. I was for sure having a food baby! I love the food in Za Za's. It's probably one of my favourite all you can eat places. I also couldn't resist taking a photo infront of the Secret Life of Pets poster! :D

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Aw you look like you had such an amazing time The owl is so beautiful! I used to love holding them when I was little, they're too magical :)

    Katie // Words By Katie