Monday, 30 May 2016

Everyone loves a good trip to Primark. And I always seem to pick up more Jewellery & Makeup then clothes whenever I "pop" in. On a recent and very cheap splurge, I picked up some goodies from the makeup area.

It's all a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to Primark's makeup range and the colours are usually nudes and berry tones or very light pink. And one of the hit and miss products that I bought on a whim was the Galactic lip gloss. Its a sparkly purple lip gloss that makes you feel like you've stepped into an 80's B- Rated Space movie and I was suckered into buying it just because of the packaging (& I like all things galactic print and colour). holy moly. It's a fun product and cost £2 but it's formula is far too sheer for my liking.

I found some new colour correctors while parousing the compartments. And even found out the new "Pro" items that you can buy. Which is basically the same products for alittle bit more. I tried getting the foundation but like everything else that's good in Primark, the shelves had been wiped clean. I have yet to try the colour correctors but will report back with a review! :D The under eye corrector was £1.50 and the Pro Corrector was £2.

My favourite item I've bought was the mascara, I love the wand, the formula. Everything. I want a hundred of these for backup. It works so well on my lashes and for £2, its amazing.

I adore the velvet matte lipstick crayons, the nude colour is beautiful on the lips so I decided to pick up the pink crayon and it's a little bit too light for me. Which is a shame. Both crayons are £2. I also picked up some lip liners as I currently own three. Including these two and both go very well with the crayons. The lip liners were £1 each. I will be going back for the nude shade and perhaps a berry toned crayon.

I also picked up a two pack of eyeliners for £1.50 and a brow gel for £2, which isn't too bad. I use it after filling in my eyebrows and it looks good. I use the eyeliners as a eye brightener. Just line the corners on the eye for a big bright doll eyed look.

While waiting in line at the checkout I saw acrylic boxes with two drawers for £4 each and I picked up two of them. So if you want some acrylic storage like every other blogger and vlogger out there then pick these up before they all go!

What have you picked up from Primark lately?

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