September Goals

Thursday, 28 August 2014

This year has just flown by. Lately I've been occupied with planning and celebrating my wedding, planning for EGX and London MCM Comic Con that I haven't really been blogging much. I will be blogging about my wedding soon enough once I get my professional photos back from the photographer. 
Every month I try and set some goals for myself as I'm one of these people that would rather spend all day gaming on the PS4 and binge watching Netflix. Without small goals or lists, I'd probably live a life of chaos.
These are my current goals for September and some lifestyle choices that will change how I live right now.

Attend Gym/Get fit & Healthy - My last goal post which was in July! I wrote about losing weight that month, which was something I accomplished but after the wedding, it went down hill and I ended up putting on more weight. Today (28/08/2014) I went to the gym, not to exercise, that will come soon enough but to get my induction so I can meet a gym trainer ( TO BE THE BEST POKEMON MASTER... lolz just joking) who will go through the equipment and my needs for getting fit and active tomorrow. I could just easily run down the street and back to get healthy but with so many distractions in the house I'd fail. And I'm paying. So this will make me want to get my moneys worth. :)  I want to just cut out all that junk food I've been eating, takeaways, crisps, chocolate, biscuits... Goodbye unhealthy Jess and hello to a world of avocado on toast and mountains of veggies. I'm really excited for this. This is one of my main goals in life not just for September. Maybe's I'll even document some of my healthy choices. ;)

Find my voice on Youtube - Ever since I started watching Let's Plays and Vlogs on Youtube, I myself have wanted to start doing youtube videos. I tried in the past but I felt like I wasn't confident or I had nothing to talk about in front of the camera. Hopefully when I go to the events in Sept & Oct. I can vlog them for you guys who have stuck with me on Twitter and in the blogging world. I'll ease myself into it with Q&A videos or just some gameplays for you guys. Sometimes I just find myself uninteresting but I will find some youtube content for you.

Keep ontop of Housework & Decorating - I'm so lazy and tidying up is a daunting task for me. But we've been slacking lately in the decorating and tidying up department.  Since our computers are now upstairs in our bedroom & not in the living room we don't go downstairs much unless the internet is cut off. So we need to get our lazy butts and hoover up once in a while. We've lived in this house a year and it still hasn't fully been decorated. Grr. Time for a change.

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay - I love cosplay so much and I love attending conventions. I adore seeing everyone's costumes and how well they've been made. And I'm starting out my very first cosplay in October for MCM London. And I'm going to be the McDonalds Girl from the movie The Fifth Element. She's only in it for about 4 seconds but her outfit makes a big impact on me. And it's very different. I just hope someone realizes who I am. I can't wait to see all the artists and stalls. It's just nerve racking that people might want a photo with me. Anyway my goal is to continue working on my costume for October and continue to do new cosplays over the coming months. :D

My So Called Blog - As I said before I haven't really been blogging much so I'm getting back on the blogging wagon. I want to shift how my blog looks and what content I want to blog about. I feel like I haven't completely found my niche. I might even use my twitter username as my blog name as I feel that's more me than "Nerdy Tea Girl" So some changes to my blog will be made over the next month. 

Do you have any goals for this month or year?
Let me know what they are in the comments below.

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