July Goals

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

It's July?! Where the heck did June go? This year seems to be going quite quickly. Maybe's it's because this year has been full of events that I'm not use to doing. Next month is my wedding and the month after that I'm off to Eurogamer in London. Exciting stuff. As you know from an old post, I like to set personal goals each month for myself. Sometime's it turns into a To-Do list rather than a set goal list.
I also keep a notebook handy for checklists. I'm a list girl. And I bet you are too.

June wasn't that eventful. I celebrated a few birthdays, checked a few items off my Wedding list & played games for most of the month. July is all about finishing wedding planning, losing weight & making the most of summer.

Lose Weight
My biggest goal right now is to shed a few more pounds before the wedding in August. My dress fits but it's a bit too snug in some areas. Today starts the day of my soup diet. I love soup and I could live on veggie soup for days. The plan is to eat a healthy breakfast, soup for dinner and snack on fruit or have a light salad. Of course I went out and bought a ton of soup, from Mushroom to Beef & Veggies to Minestrone. And half a week's worth cost only £2. Not only am I trying to slim down but I'm also saving money by not buying junk food & takeaways. I hardly drink alcohol, so my calories don't come from that. But I used to snack alot. Whether it was chocolate or sandwiches. It was always the wrong foods. I did snack on fruit occasionally but this time I'm sticking to it. Perhaps after this month of dieting will change how I eat food.

Go Outside
This also ties in with eating healthy. I need to put down that playstation controller, turn the laptop off as I can watch Pretty Little Liars anytime and just go outside. Take a walk. Photograph the place around me. Go to the beach,  Anything as long as I'm outside and hopefully with the weather heating up this will tempt me to go outside more. I've vowed that even on the days I don't wanna get out of bed. I will make myself get dressed and go for a walk. The exercise will do me good. Hopefully I can get into a good routine. (There is a likely chance this will never happen, I'll give it a go)

Finish Getting Wedding Stuff
There is still work left to do and this is the month to finish off loose ends to do with my wedding.
Food needs to be bought for the buffet, Tony's ring & suits needs buying. I need someone to do my hair, I need to make two flower bouquets. I also need an underskirt and a bolero to cover up my spotty scarred arms. I need to finish paying off the wedding & get a venue for the party as well as decorations. This should be done within in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Decorate Passageway
I've lived here for almost a year and the only room that's been painted is the bathroom. I'm quite sick of the last tenants grubby magnolia walls. We need to finish off the passageway, paint the bedrooms & redecorate the living room. It's time consuming & I usually don't have the money to get finishing touches and the paint. So my goal this month is to completely finish the passageway. From fixing those bullet holes (long story) to freshening up the paint. I will make this a home to be proud of.

Clean Clean Clean
I'm quite lazy when it comes to cleaning. I leave Tony to do most of it. So my goal of this month is to take charge and clean the house everyday and not tell myself "It can wait till tomorrow" because it never gets done. Let's give this house a spring clean. :D

Read Read Read
I told myself I would read 3 books a month a few blog posts ago. And this never happened. In fact I've read about a chapter of Will Grayson, Will Grayson and then started to read manga book Attack on Titan.
I have tons of books. I need to just sit outside in the park across my house and enjoy the sunny weather with a good book & a drink.

And these are my main goals for this month. Of course there will be little goals here and there but I think this is enough for one month.

Do you have any goals this month?
Let me know in the comments :)

Ta Ra

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