Wantable June Accessories Box*

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hello everyone! I recently got contacted by Wantable asking me if I would like a box to review and I said yes! Wantable have three different boxes to choose from, Accessories, Beauty & Intimates. I chose Accessories due to the fact there are plenty of make-up boxes around and I really don't need any more make-up at the moment as I'm happy with what I use. I also chose this box because I hardly have any accessories for the summer and I thought it would be perfect to try out new jewellery that I wouldn't normal pick up in stores. Wantable are based in the USA and have recently just started to ship to the UK. You may have seen a few reviews around the blogsphere. Wantable also choose what's going inside your box according to what answers you give during the sign up process. Questions from "Which type of accessories do you like" and "How do you feel about this type of style" I love how this box is personalized and with that added touch of putting in your name in the box too!
Wantable is $36 for a subscription and $40 for just a single box. Every box has full sized products, even the make-up box. But is this too highly priced for what is inside?

The Wrap Bracelet - $26
This is one of the first things I see in the box and it really catches my eye. It's perfect for summer time and the colours are beautiful. It also doubles up as a necklace which is wonderful and as soon as I took it out of the packaging I put it straight on. Now I just need a nice outfit to pair with. I would have picked this up in a shop if I saw it. I love the peachy pink tones of the leather look with the gold metal & white and blue contrast.

The Ring - $18
From first laying eyes on this, I've really disliked it. Not to everyones taste but the feel, look and the fact that it's a stretchy ring just make it look cheap and horrible. Especially for the recommended price. I would never pick this up at a high end store never mind a shop like New Look. This photo actually makes it look better than it is.

The Gia Necklace - $36
This necklace was packed away in a nice velvet envelope. I really liked it, it's not the type of necklace I usually go for. I like dainty necklaces that sit nicely at the collar bone. This necklace was big, chunky and made a statement. Unfortunately I would have loved this if it wasn't for the fact the chain's didn't match up where they were attached! I like everything to be perfect and I think it was made to look like this but I don't like it. There were also black marks that can only be described as marker pen on the pearls and due to the heaviness of this necklace, while photographing for these blog photos, the clasp snapped. As you can see in the photos the string was stretched and then I picked it up to move it and it snapped on me. I'm gutted as I really wanted to wear this necklace! I've gotten in touch with Wantable, let's hope they will reply. I will edit this post when they do :)

EDIT: Wantable replied to my email and are kindly sending me a replacement. Lovely customer service from them!

Looking at other wantable boxes, I felt like this box could have been better. I was highly disappointed in the ring and would have prefered something different. Overall I feel like even though the jewellery is highly priced, I proberly wouldn't buy this box. I was super excited to try something new and I'll probably only ever wear the bracelet now.

What do you think? Have you got a Wantable Subscription Box? 


*This box was gifted to me for reviewing, all thoughts are my own

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