Upload Live: Newcastle

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hello! It's been a while. My creative juices have not been flowing lately but Nick Kent finally uploaded the photos from Upload Live concert in Newcastle so I thought I would blog about it since my phone photos of the night were crappy. Full credit goes out to him and you can check out his photography here.

If you didn't know already I quite like watching Emma Blackery's youtube videos and listening to her music. So when I found out she was coming to Newcastle's 02 Acadamy on the Upload Live tour with Bribry, Luke Cutforth & Dave Giles. I just had to get tickets and they were a steal at £8. We got there a bit late at the doors and it was heaving with young kids and teenagers. Being twenty four and going to events like this, makes me feel old. It was raining & my shoes were slippy and I had grabbed a burger and fries from McDonalds as I hadn't eaten prior to the event. The pouring down rain made my chips and feet soggy. I wasn't having a nice time in the queue and really wished that the door men would hurry up and let everyone in. To top that off, my bags got checked and I had to hand my bottle of Little Miracles drink, so I downed that fucker at the door. I was just happy to be inside, in the warmth which quickly turned into melt down mode. It was so hot after five minutes due to 100+ people being in a small room. I fanned myself down using the leaflets I found. Since about ninety screaming teenagers got in before us we just lingered in the back. So far in the back you can't even make us out on the bottom photos and the photos I took on my phone were just dark and blurry.

To be really honest, I was only there to see Emma and she was the last headliner. My ears almost exploded with the sounds of screaming every time Luke came on stage. First up was Dave Giles and I must say after his performance, I instantly became a fan. At one point he had to do a acoustic version of a song because the amp busted up and it was just beautiful. I wish I could remember the name of the song. Danny Gruff joined him on stage and it was amazing. They did some awesome songs, one that really stuck with us was "Skint" Then it was Bribry's turn who got quite the screams when appearing on stage. I remember not really being a fan of his music, I listened but it just wasn't for me and then the girl we were waiting for. Emma came on stage and then the crowd just went ballistic and roared for her. She opened up with Go The Distance and ended with Fuck you Google+. She proceeded to make the audience wet....with her water bottle. You dirty minded readers!

The ending was brilliant. They all came out and sang Lorde's Royals & School of Rock! It was so great. I enjoyed it immensely. If I had stuck around longer, I could have met Emma and had a photo op with her and the others but the lines were so hectic... pushing and squishing. It really brought out the claustrophobe in me. The security finally made an area on one side of the stairs to let us get out, we collected our coats from the coat room and quickly got out, it had stopped raining so Tony and I decided to go and get a kebab and a chicken burger from Tony's favourite chippy in town. I'll be uploading some of the videos on my youtube channel later as I managed to record Royals but not School of Rock, I was too busying enjoying it!

I'm not one to go to concerts, I prefer listening to music in the comfort of my own home. This was one of my first concerts & not my last either. I'm glad I booked tickets and waited in the rain for twenty minutes to listen to some great music! Do you watch these youtubers?

All photos by Nick Kent Photography


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