The Wedding Diaries: Budgeting & Bits 'n Bobs

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The big day is almost upon us! I've bought my dress and I'm currently waiting for it to be delivered. I'd show you a photo but my fiance reads my blog and I don't want him to spoil it. I managed to get my dress with a big help from my fiance's mum. I greatly appreciate her coming to my rescue. Of course after I was able to get my dress, I started to get very excited. The overall cost of my dress was £59.
I had a dawdle in Home Bargains, knowing fine well they sold wedding bits and bobs such as postboxes, bunting, napkins etc so I bought 30 bubble wands for the favor boxes & a cake slicer and knife for £4.98. Now that's definitely a bargain. I'm still needing chair & table covers and pretty bunting for the party venue though.

Somewhere down the line, I found myself on pinterest. I know. I know. Big mistake but I did get alot of cheap wedding inspirations! I don't have alot of money to spend, in fact this whole wedding is a budget wedding. I'll probably end up on a episode of superscrimpers or the likes but it's not about how much money you can blow on a wedding, even though that would be blissful, it's about how you spend the day with the one you love and everyone around you. Anyhoo, as I can't afford a big flashy photobooth. I've decided to make my own. I have the camera, the back drop and the tripod. All I need is some photobooth props and away we go! I'll also be printing off a checklist of cute camera shots people can take. With things such as "Take a photo of a cute couple" & "Take a photo of the bride & her bridesmaids laughing". I think it's a cute idea to get people to take out their own cameras & make some memories.
I shall be taking the laptop, buying a spotify premium account so I can listen offline and making a wedding party playlist to hook to the speakers in the venue. Waaall-a. Instant DJ area. Just let spotify do the work & save about £100 not having a hired DJ.
I've also decided to make my own flower bouquets. Gathering fake flowers & ribbon from wilkinsons or various craft shops will help the cost a great deal.
As for the food for the buffet, lots of family are helping out and I will be making some geeky yummies too, because it can't be a Jess & Tony wedding without having something geeky on display. :D
I'm going to try and make childrens activity books so they don't get too bored after running around and making bubbles everywhere.

I have so many ideas that I can do. Ahhhhhhh. Of course I shall have a BIG blog post about the event. ;)
but for now...


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