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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hello everyone!
It seems that almost everyone in the blogging world has had TeaPigs before. If you haven't, hop on board because TeaPigs are uh-maze-ing. I recently received their new Super Power Green Tea drinks in the mail and oh boy was I excited to try these out. I thought I would try out the Apple flavour first and I have to admit, it wasn't strongly flavored with Apple as I thought it would. You get the flavor of the tea, which isn't bad at all. 
I love green tea, I used to drink it all the time but lately I've only started drinking tea again & I always preferred chilled drinks so I chilled mine in the fridge so it tasted like Iced Tea with a hint of Apple but all the goodness of the Matcha. I actually felt good about myself while drinking this. Is that strange? Since it's now Summertime, drinking these Super Power Green Tea drinks, chilled, is heavenly and I suggest you try them. I've also perked up slightly from drinking. I can't wait to drink the Elderberry & Grapefruit flavors.

The side of the bottle quotes -
"Matcha is a superhero among teas. 100% ground green tea leaves from Japan- essentially a super concentrated green tea containing natural green tea flavouroids (catechins) Matcha tea bushes are grown under lots of shade which boosts their chlorophyll content. The hand picked leaves are ground up by granite stones to a super fine poweder. So when you drink matcha, you're ingesting every little bit of green tea goodness. Thats why we call it super power green tea"

I can see myself buying a bunch of these drinks from the website. I really want to get a pot of Matcha powder for myself to add to my drinks but it's a tad pricey at the moment for me. I would adore the Matcha Pot set that includes a whisk and a glass! Hello Christmas present (or wedding present ;) ) The set is priced at £32.50, a 30g box of matcha tea is £25, a 2g sample is £2 and the super green drinks are priced at £1.89. 
At the moment, anyone who joins up to the website's newsletter gets 10% off their first purchase but can only be used in the first 7 days! Excellent *Taps fingers together like Mr Burns*

Check out their other teas aswell! In the package I also received a teabag of their Lemon & Ginger tea. It was very strongly smelled, I might give it a go. Don't knock it until you've tried it. According to the website, this can be an iced tea drink, so I will definitely try this one chilled! I'm also loving the glass tea pot and cups you can buy in their shop

Let me know which is your favourite drink from TeaPigs! :)


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