The Wedding Diaries: Wonder Show Pt2 The Goodie Bag

Friday, 4 April 2014

Good Morning, Good Evening & Good Night.
Welcome to part 2 of The Wedding Diaries. I previously wrote about my time at the Wedding Wonder Show in Newcastle. And I mentioned that I got a goodie bag. This is what was in the bag.

Oh Abigail " I Do" "Me Too" Pin Badges
These are super cute badges. I love pin badges and I can't wait to cheekily pin these onto us at the wedding party or just as a memento in my wedding box I wanna keep. Check out Oh Abigail on Facebook.

Elmis Hand and Nail Cream
A perfect handbag sized sample was popped into these goodie bags. Most goodies were aimed at weight loss or getting rid of those wrinkles. Are they trying to say something about me?

The Slender Blend
A weight loss milkshake in Vanilla. I haven't tried this yet!

Bubbles Champagne Bottle
These are adorable. I really want some for my favour boxes!

Bride To Be Tote Bag
Such a nice little gift. Perfect for keeping extras in while getting ready for the wedding :D

This isn't pictured, but I got a little bag of confetti which were dry flowers and they were beautiful.

Love Hearts Candy
Not pictured as my hubby- to-be ate them.

Weight Watchers Chocolate Bar
Not pictured because we both ate our free bars of chocolate. They were yummy!

Champagne Favour Box
I really wasn't sure what this was at first. And not the type of favour box I would want. Not pictured because it was hard to photograph.

LOTS of Leaflets & Magazines.
Every corner I took, they handed me leaflets, I even got an envelope full at one point. The magazines are lovely to flick through and get some ideas from.

Once again, it was a great experience and I cannot wait to get the rest of my wedding items sorted!



  1. It must be so exciting planning your wedding and going to these events! The badges are so cute :)!


  2. Love the badges! Super cute! They'd be good for engagement photo's