Adventure Time : Leeds & Maxmoefoe Meet-up

Monday, 28 April 2014

The day was the 12th of April and it's the day I venture out of Newcastle and to Leeds. Apart from Norwich & Holy Island, I've never been out of the UK nor have I visited anywhere else. The main reason for going is, Max Stanley, aka Maxmoefoe. An Australian youtuber. He wrote on his facebook that he would be doing a meet & greet in London, Leeds and Liverpool. Gutted that he could only do these cities, we booked mega bus tickets to travel to and from Leeds. It cost us only £30 for the both of us. I was so happy that Max would be my first youtuber to meet. Emma Blackery being my second in May.
The journey started at 6.45am and I'm not a morning person at all. We woke up at 4am which gave us plenty of time to get ready and check to see where the bus stops. When the bus arrived the driver made a joke about how the trip was yesterday and I slapped him on the arm for being horrible and giving us a heart attack. It took us about 2 and a bit hours to get to Leeds. We watched the film R.I.P.D which was good for a movie that I never heard of. It has Ryan Reynolds in it. check it out.

Upon arriving we took a snap of me outside the bus station to post to facebook as we hadn't really told anyone we would be "popping" to Leeds. And then we ducked into the outdoor market. I felt that I knew where we were going from the start due to checking maps. We had a gander at everything and wondered into the indoor market and oh boy did I start spending money in there. I found pretty tins for 10p each! I bought four of them and one was mermaid themed which I shall be giving to Claire. :)
After that we went explording into the town centre and I walked past a really pretty shop called Memphis Belle. There were butterfly tights in the display but they had non left inside so I bought a pair of tattoo tights for £6.99. Check them out on facebook!

We then headed down the street and saw a McNoodleKing which really tickled me. We then shopped in places we would normally shop in Newcastle. Poundland, Primark, Forbidden Planet and Candy Hero. We don't have a candy hero in Newcastle so this was such an awesome opportunity to get ton of sweets.
We popped into McDonalds using the free big mac monopoly card and then ended up winning a free mcflurry! Ronald McDonald was entertaining the children too. He was a skinny creep. While shopping in Primark I picked up some kitty kat nails, a floral thermal mug and a packet of bracelets. Primark has a ton of stuff that I want and will have to buy the rest later. I already had about 4 bags full of stuff and it wasn't even 11am! Forbidden Planet was abit bigger than Newcastle and was more organised. I stood there for about 20 minutes deciding on a new pop vinyl. Eventually I chose BOO from Monsters Inc. We also popped into CEX but nothing took my fancy. We ended up in Starbuck to use the plug sockets for the phone until it was time to group at the park where I made friends with a pidgeon. He sat alot next to us.

An hour ticked by and I was watching a just married couple take there wedding photos in the park and then it started to rain. 4pm arrived and on the dot Max and his girlfriend Xantia turned the corner. We took a big group photo and xantias Polaroid kept breaking. We were the only 24 and 25 year olds at the meet-up but Max and Xantia recognized  me from all the tweets and instagram comments we had sent to each other over the past months. Finally it was my turn to say hello after a long wait. I forgot to get a hug from Max tho but I warned him that the pop vinyls I had were not his and if he could sign them we held them up to take photos with and it really looks like Max was trying to pinch one of them. We also gave him a gift to open on his mailtime videos which I will put here later. While all this was happening, Xantia was filming us and I got a photo with her too and asked her to sign the pop vinyls as well. They were both such sweethearts, Max even liked the fact there were no penises in his mail. After the meet-up we went back to starbucks to drink a cuppa while waiting for the phone to charge again so we can watch something on the way back and we had another trip into McDonalds for dinner (fattie alert) (Excuse the chubby face below /derp derp)

I'm so happy to have come to a great city (Tony even said he would live here) and meet such a great couple. Thank you Max and Xantia for a great afternoon. Next time I shall be meeting Michelle in Leeds.
And we've decided to do mini Adventures once a month using the mega bus. Next time we shall be visiting Scotland. :)
I have plenty more photos but this is just it for now :P

Check out Max's Youtube Channels:

What other cities should I visit?



  1. You need to take another trip to Leeds, I never go even though it's less then an hour away from me on the train. Where are you seeing Emma Blackery?

  2. lots of good buys :)

  3. I always wanted one of those thermal mugs!
    great items, nice post ey! :)

  4. Eeeeee all the excitement to see you next time! I still haven't been in to grab those bits from Candy King yet x

  5. the primark haul is adorable!

  6. Those tights are awesome! I hadn't heard of Candy King, but now need to find one! I love all of the UK cities I visited so far. Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool are all fab. Haven't done Leeds or Newcastle, so I have to add those to my to-do list! I went to Hull earlier this year and had a great time.

  7. I havent been to leeds in so long! Glad you had a wonderful day