Review: Healthy Nails

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I've been in need of a nail file for a while now. I can never find one when I need to do my nails so when the opportunity arose to try out a new nail file I was jumped at the chance.
This little nail file will set you back £16.99. You can buy it from Amazon here, it's currently on sale at £12.99. You can get them in Black, Purple or Pink. I received Black :)

This little beauty comes in a slimline case. Which I thought was a nice little touch to this crystal nail file. As soon as I pulled it out I automatically thought that they had sent me a mini sword! I recently snapped a nail from hardcore cleaning of my bedroom ( I snapped it by trying to open a box!) so I had to file it down since it was so rigid. I have to admit I thought it was a little rough but then I was like.. Jess! It's a nail file, what nail file isn't rough? i was reading up about it and its the professional manicurist choice of nail file to use and has a long term endurance so it's not easy to break! It really is a little weapon, concealed in your handbag in a neat little case. I'm in no way shape or form telling you to get this as a weapon but it is a plus for any lady out there who feels uneasy walking home alone at night. Whip this little beauty out! Works amazing on nails too! ;)

Jokes aside. For £16, you get what you paid for. Good quality but obviously if you are on a budget then cheaper the better but if you have the cash then I suggest you get one of these. It doesn't break the nail and swiftly turns it into dust. The case also means that you can find it in your handbag, so no squabbling about trying to find a small nail file in an nail emergency. You will never go back to emery boards after using this little baby. I'm so happy I got this. Thank you Healthy Nails Professional. :)

Do you use an emery board or have you got a professional nail file? Do you prefer getting a manicurist to do your nails instead? Let me know if you would pay £16 for one. Comment below!


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  1. i've just stumbled across your blog, it's so lovely i love the layout and header! i'd love it if youd check out my blog and comment back

  2. This is very similar to the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File I think. They are definitely so much better than emery boards and much healthier for your nails. :) Great post. :D