Newcastle Comic Con Part 1

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The day finally arrived! I've been waiting for the first Newcastle Comic Con since last year when it was first announced. I only got tickets for Sunday and I'm glad I did since Showmasters and Newcastle Arena had problems on Saturday with very long queues. Sunday was much better. We arrived at about 9:30am and got in an hour and a bit later. While standing outside we saw some impressive cosplays. There was Darth Vader, Stormstroopers, Indiana Jones, Alice from Resident Evil, Roller Girls (Sadly didn't get a photo of these girls!), Judge Dredd, Stargate Officers to name a few. They were amazing. Just seeing all these fab costumes made me wish I had cosplayed. Perhaps next year ;)
I wore my Wonder Woman t-shirt as it was quite appropriate for this event! If anything was like the Wedding Show event, I knew how hot it would get inside. I didn't even get to keep my ticket because they were rushing to get people inside. So I took a photo of it before we even left. As soon as I got in, Tony needed a tab! Typical I get in and we need to go outside into the break area. One very fast smoke later and I'm surrounded by fellow geeks and cosplayers.....

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