You call yourself a gamer? Yes I do!

Monday, 17 February 2014

If you haven't realized yet from my twitter or the name of my blog. I'm a geek..but I'm also a gamer. I prefer platform & first person shooter games than MMORPG. Don't ever ask me to play World of Warcraft because I cannot stand that game.
One of the reasons I made this blog was because there wasn't a lot of girly gamer blogs out there. I know most of my posts are about beauty and the latest wishlists for clothing but I felt like I needed to make a blog that I would like to read as a girl gamer. I keep throwing the name around, just because I own a PS3 doesn't instantly make me a gamer! Well I've been playing games since I was 6 years old. When my dad let me go on his PC and I was a loud to play solitaire! Over the years it became Dungeon Keeper, Doom, Duke Nukem, Black and White, The Sims, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. Some of them are still my favourites today. And now I enjoy GTA, Portal, Deus Ex (the new one), FEAR, Battlefield, Call of Duty, LA Noire, Far Cry, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Last Of Us and the list can go on and on. So yes I would call myself a gamer and I am a girl. I'm still trying to make my way through most of the games out for the PS3 & PC. I also own a Nintendo DS but lets not get into that right now.
I'm getting into Minecraft (although it mostly bores me)& Final Fantasy. Recently I only started playing Saint's Row. I remember seeing the 2nd game in a shop and thinking to myself..that looks stupid, I won't be playing that! a few years down the line and I'm obsessed with this game and flew right through Saint's Row 2 and 3 and I had to go out and buy Saints Row 4 because I missed playing it and needed a new game. I still have about 5 unfinished games to play.
Saints Row is very much like GTA but with a little more humor and WTF moments. I'm currently running around a made up town called Steelport with superpowers! Saints Row also has epic soundtracks. Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance and Paramore are some of the artists lending there music to these games.
I can't wait till there is a 5th game because before you read the rest of this, I'll probably be near the end of this game! I still have Portal 2 to finish off and I love playing that with my partner. The turrents are super cute.
I also love daft beat them up games such as Lollipop Chainsaw and WET. Basically I realised that I will buy any game that Eliza Dushku has a voice over in! (WET & Saint's Row 2...I wish she had voiced Shaundi in the other sequels)
I'm hoping in the future I will be getting a PS4 and I'm looking forward to new games that are out now and in the future. COME ON WATCH DOGS. I NEED YOU.
I'll have to see about this Jazzpunk I've been hearing and watching about so much.
I really wanted to do gaming videos on youtube but I find my voice irritating and horrible. I must get used to it if I want to do other videos! :(

Do you play? What have been your fav games over the years? Do you play on PC, Xbox or PS3? I wanna know. Leave your comments below. :)


  1. Ah gosh I forgot how much of a gamer I used to be years ago! My faves are FPS and point and clicks, oooooh and survival horrors. I'm a MASSIVE fan of Silent Hill <3
    Ooooh and Metal Gear Solid, I treat myself to an awesome Solid Snake top the other day x

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

  2. I absolutely love videogames :) Portal 2 is definitely up there in my favourites! Also love all of the Arkham Games, Bioshock and Minecraft. It's so cool to see bloggers talking about games and other things they like x

    P.S. I play on PC and PS3!

  3. I love video games, I'm a pc gamer/3DS but my favourites games are Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Pokemon will always be close to my heart though!

  4. What a fantastic fucking post! I've been wanting to have a go at Saints Row for agggesss now, but feel that it just got completely overshadowed by GTA! GURRRL, we needa have a meetup someday soon and have a pure gaming sesh! Ps... I am so glad you're a Playstation gal and not another Xbox noob ;)

    Have you ever played any of the Assassin's Creed franchise? Ahhhh AC is my life <3

    Anyways, I digress, brilliant blog post you wee beauty! Look forward to reading more! :)

    Claire xo

    In love love looooooooooooooove itttttt.

    I am such a gamer (COD Black Ops 2) is still my favourite!!!!
    But I'm an AVID pokemon fan, (I follow pokemon blogs on tumblr) whoopssss.
    I have a shiny fennekin on Pokemon X!! EEP.

    I love your blog lovely, now following you on like everything hehe!!

    Kelly from |Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  6. I love games, but I've never owned a playstation or an xbox, so I like to watch let's plays (the last of us was soo fun!). I used to have gameboy and nintendo ds lite, I love pokemon and animal crossing!

  7. I love how similar we are when it comes to games! I love lollipop chainsaw, I'm also in love with cute games like ni no kuni (reminds me of pokemon) and animal crossing and I hate WOW it's a game I would never end up playing. There's not enough blogs out there like this but it is an upside because I will be reading your lots! Xx

  8. I love games, I've never quite had the coordination in order to play things like COD (my boyfriends obsessed and has been gradually training me haha!) But Pokemon is one of my all time favourites, I even have an emulator on my phone so I can play whenever! Also - back in the day Tomb Raider was my all time favourite!

    Really happy to have found your blog, now following :)

    Rose | Juxta-Rose