Wreck This Journal : Introduction

Friday, 28 February 2014

After seeing these pop all over tumblr, instagram and youtube videos & a few blogs, I've been dying to buy this book but never got around to it! Then finally while buying my new camera tripod I stuck in Wreck This Journal into my Amazon basket for a lovely £3 + P&P after reading Claire's post :D It arrived the other day and I had a flick through the pages and I'm so excited to start this.
If you don't know what Wreck this Journal is. It's basically what the title says. You wreck this journal. Throw it, burn it, stamp of it, get it wet but do it creatively. Read the instructions and create a masterpiece.
I hate cracking the spines of books and one of the instructions is to do this exactly!  I will be making a blog post series starting next week on a wednesday! I will show you what I did to my journal. If you want a video as well on my newest youtube channel (not Jesstony) then please let me know. :)

I also want Keri Smith's other book called The Pocket Scavenger! Soon. I will get you soon.

Let me know what you think of Wreck This Journal! 
Nerdy Tea Girl


  1. The pocket scavenger one is the one I'm after too! I've seen this one all over for a couple years, most recently on Grav3yardGirls YouTube and I think like her I'd get too frustrated with it haha.

    I look forward to seeing what you get up to with it.

    Best wishes, Danielle x

  2. I love my wreck this journal