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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hint of Mint - £1.98*
Rescue Me - £2.98*
Ginger - £1.98*

I recently won the chance to become Raw Skincare's new sponsor. I was honoured they picked me to tell the world about their fabulous products. Let me tell you a little bit about Raw Skincare before I go into their lovely lipbalms. All of their products are Eco Friendly, Natural and Animal Cruelty Free and cost effective. They are even recycable!  Their tagline is "Natural Skincare that doesn't cost the earth. Stay Beautfiul, Naturally". And the website is easy peasy lemon squeasy. Not only do they do lip balms but a range of Body Butters, Skin Serums, Dry Shampoo and Masks too. I have my eye on a Repair and Revive Body Butter.

As soon as I found out that my package had been delivered I ripped it open like it was Christmas and had a good look at the Lip balms. My lips have been sore and chapped since the cold winter started and I immediately put on the Rescue Me Lip Balm. I don't know if it was the the freezing cold weather or if it was because it was the first time in use but it took it a while to glide on my lips. The balm seemed frozen but after a few smears on my lips it eventually loosened up and glided on like a dream.
"Rescue Me lip balm is an extra intensive balm that works to relieve your lips from everyday damage that can leave your lips feeling dry, sore and chapped. This deeply moisturising and conditioning balm with added Vitamin E will soak into your skin to help hydrate and nourish, as well as form a protective barrier to help fight against further harm. With it's instantly calming effect, it will help soothe your sore and chapped lips"
This is exactly what it did. After a day, my lips feel smooth and kissable! Rescue Me Lipbalm has a hint of Vanilla scent. Which is lovely.

Hint of Mint is exactly what you'd expect it to smell like. Minty goodness. It's like sniffing a packet of After Eights! This lipbalm cools your lips and gives it a fresh tingly sensation and smells good enough to eat. Just like the Rescue Me, Hint of Mint immediately makes your lips softer than a baby's bottom!

I gave the Ginger Lipbalm a good old whiff. It's a protecting and moisturising lipbalm but to be perfectly honest. It's a love it or hate it lipbalm due to the smell. It remind's me of the times I order bits of ginger on the side of my sushi! As I kept smelling, I got used to it. In fact the smell is growing on me but the taste on my lips reminds me of the times I'm eating sushi. It still does the job and keeps my lips pleasantly moisturised.

Over all. I can without a doubt tell you that these lip balms work! My favourite from the three is Rescue Me. Just because the smell isn't over powering and doesn't make me wanna eat my lips every few seconds and it worked instantly on my chapped lips making them smooth. I'm popping this little beauty into my handbag!
I loved all three lip balms and was grateful to be given the chance to test them out. My lips were in need of a good nourishing lipbalm. So they came at a very good time! I now have very kissable lips for Valentine's Day. So thank you Raw Skincare.

And I recommend everyone tries one of their lipbalms!

- Jess

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