MUA : Stormy Skies

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

As you know I'm quite the fan of MUA Cosmetics and recently I bought a few things from the website including that Matte Lipstick I reviewed. I also bought a new nail polish from the website which was the colour black and is also named Stormy Skies just like the pink nail varnish that they have. I was sent the wrong one. I was sent the pink nail varnish but all was corrected. The customer service from MUA for me was amazing. They sent me the right nail varnish and apologized. I will be putting MUA nail varnishes in my giveaway so make sure you are following!

I love dark nail colours, even though it's almost summer ( but doesn't feel like it) I still love wearing blacks, dark blues and reds. I guess it's my inner sixteen year old goth still getting out. This nail varnish has a special something about it. In which it's not exactly 100% black. It has a hint of shimmering gold. I guess that's where the Stormy Skies name comes in.

You can pick up this little beauty on the website for just £1! Bargain. :D



  1. That colour is gorgeous. I was a bit of a goth as well - black nails.. :)

  2. Love your blog, very pretty! Never even had anything from MUA before but I have heard good things about the nail polishes! Glad you received good customer service for their mistake too, always a bonus! X

  3. Wow I was not expecting such a pretty shade from MUA, I definitely need to check this out!

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  4. Yep, that's quite a bargain! I love wearing dark nail polishes as well :)