Loot Crate February 2014

Friday, 21 February 2014

It's that time of the month. No! Not that one. It's LootCrate! If you don't know what lootcrate is then let me explain. It's a monthly subscription service from the US. Just like Neek Box in the UK they offer 5-8 geeky items in a box, usually with a theme. This month's theme was warriors with lots of Bravest Warriors loot! Sadly to say I've never seen or heard of Bravest Warriors until recently so I will be checking that out. Let's go over with what I got this month.
Bravest Warriors Digital Comic - Woop. Now I get to see what the craic is with Bravest Warriors. There is a code to redeem online to download the comic. :)
Valentine's Card -This is so cute. Inside said " I love you more than bacon". Too bad I hate bacon!
Dummy Figurine - I got the one I wanted! The Pigbat. ^_^ it's adorable and one of my favourite things in my box this month.
Bravest Warriors Sticker - I've seen others with Catbug and even though I've never heard of Bravest Warriors I would have preferred that one over this design.
Bravest Warriors Bow Tie - There was two designs of this one with Impossibear and the other with Catbug. Both are cute. I got impossibear.. I dunno what to do with it since I probably won't wear it. I might stick it on Zazzles later :P
Gaming Warriors Tshirt - Another favourite item from the box. This t-shirt is awesome. It features Halo, Supermario Bros and Donkey Kong. I shall be wearing this soon.
Lootcrate Badge - Lootcrate now gives out badges for each months theme. Last month was Launch. :)
Bravest Warriors Bag -  I'm not familair with Bravest Warriors so I'm clueless with this but it's pretty cool ^_^

I did an unboxing on youtube and messed up alittle. Watch it if you dare & Give it a thumbs up.

Next month I will be featuring Neek Box! :)

Let me know in the comment's below if you subscribe to geek boxes? And if you would like to see more youtube videos!



  1. What a great idea! It's great to see a company like this finally in the UK!


  2. I've been wanting to try this for ages! It looks so cool :) x


  3. Love your blog!
    Followed you via GFC <3
    Don't forget to check out mine
    Holly │Flower Crowns and Daisy Chains

  4. It looks so cool. Me and my boyfriend only just found out about this box last month, about to subscribe tonight! Some of the past boxes look amazing! I had a look at the Neek box but it doesn't look as good!


  5. Neek Box is new! Hasn't been around as long as Lootcrate. Just starting to get their feet of the ground.