Graze Box

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It is a cold and miserable day but today's post made up for that. I received my Graze Box! I got my first one for Free but I cannot remember who I got the code from but thank you for sharing it. I'll be sharing my code too! I'm not a stranger to these boxes, a few years ago, back in 2011 I bought them every week since I had a full time job at the time I thought these would be perfect little snack boxes for throughout the day. I would pick my favourite out of the four and take it to work. Usually my mum and I would pick one when it had arrived and eat the most tasty looking one. They never lasted long and from the selection I got this week this box doesn't look like its going to last long! I've already opened up the flapjacks and eaten the banoffee shortbread!.
For those who have hidden under a rock for the past few years, let me tell you about Graze. A Grazebox is a subscription service for healthy snacks straight to your door and you get to control what goes into your box! If you don't like nuts then put them in the bin and you won't get them in your box. If you love flapjack then you will get more flapjacks in your box! It's simple. Just go through the list of foods you are going to get in your box and choose between Bin, Like, Love and Try. It's great :)
The graze box is perfect for recycling, They care about the environment and our health. Everything you get in the box can be recycled. Check out the FAQ of their website for more information as there is too much goodness to put in the blog post! Simply everything they create was done in their kitchen, they pick the best foods that are healthy and yummy and pop them into your graze box. Each tub of food comes with an expiry date as their food is fresh! Not like the food in these boxes last long. Once you get it you dive straight into it.
You also get booklets with your box so read through them as they contain nutrition about your tubs and codes for your friends.
My favourite out of the box was the Banoffee dippers. My other half even licked the toffee sauce once I was finished. It's so yummy and the shortbread isn't too strong flavoured. I hope to get this very soon in my next box! My second favourite was the Summer Berries flapjack. So soft and succulent. I have yet to try the others. I'm sure I have tried the cheese selection as I got it previously in a box but since they have added alot more yummy's since 2011.
I'm giving everyone my Friend Code. So you can try out Grazebox for FREE! Yes free! Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free and share the love too! :) Just input your details and your grazebox will come within a couple of days and delivery is free! Everytime someone joins up using your code, you ger £1 off your next box. So get Grazing :D



  1. What a clever idea! Everything looks so good!

  2. Hey. I just found your blog! It is totally amazing. Love your style!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

    With love,

  3. I love getting my Graze box! However I have opted out of so many fruity snacks now, that I mainly get popcorn, nuts and chocolate flapjacks in my box! I have managed to make it as unhealthy as possible - the choc brazil nuts are the best though. x