Garlands of Ellfi

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Last week was pretty lousy but it wasn't all bad! The lovely Elle, one half of Garlands of Ellfi and I got talking and we thought it would be a good idea to do a little swap. My Midnight Tea Parties Jewellery for a lovely Garland she has made. I chose a white and ivory rose garland as I'm planning on getting married in August and I thought it would be lovely to have these at my wedding, not just for me but for my bridemaids too! What better way then to try them out. Elle also kindly put in a little purple & pink rose headband too, which is adorable.

I've seen some highly priced rose garland headbands out there and Garlands of Ellfi is definitely not one of them. Handmade with love and care. These headbands are beautiful and affordable. Perfect for those spring/summer days that are coming soon! What I love about Garlands of Ellfi is not only does the name sound like something from Lord of the Rings or some mystical land but they have a variety of headbands! Elle has made super cute kitty ear headbands and has even started on mouse ears! She will even customize them for you. ( I've asked for black kitty ears)

I've met Elle through blogging and I consider one of my new best friends. We've chatted alot since introducing ourselves and we have alot in common! She's a geek, I'm a geek. She has a weird and slightly feminine boyfriend and so do I! ( I'm kidding Tom & Tony, don't kill me :P ) Elle is wonderful to talk to and I feel as if I had a problem or I needed someone to talk to, Elle would definitely been there even if she lives like a thousand miles away!



  1. Thank you so much Jess, you're a star! You look stunning with the garland and the colours suit you really well. I'm sure our men will have something to say about being a bit feminine though haha, I consider you one of my new best friends too, it's been a breath of fresh air talking to you. I'm always here if you ever need a chat. <3 <3 I'm going to post this on my facebook page!! xxxx

  2. your blog is so cute and lovely! check out the giveaway on my blog :) xx

  3. That looks lovely on you!

  4. I love the pink and purple flower headband, it is so cute. Glad you have found a special friendship through blogging :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  5. this is gorgeous!! love it X

  6. I have got to get my own flower crown, it just looks too cute!

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